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Agape Auto Share,

Agape Auto Share is a Non-Profit Member based group, sharing auto related needs. 
The share cost per member is only $15/month. For your $15 a month share what is covered? - Your auto related needs!! - Your designated car up to $1500.00 for a covered need. - Up to $150 for the named owned auto for any need – glass, tires, battery, etc... - $75 for any tow or emergency services for any owned auto.

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Our main focus is on Two types of car coverages:

1.) A car that is considered un-insurable by Insurance Companies but still has value. A Salvage Title is the best.

2.)  A car that the owner has chosen to not have full Insurance coverage on but would appreciate some amount of compensation should a covered need occur. 

In order to start the membership process you will need to fill out, sign  and return the Application along with your initial need deposit.
If you have any questions please call our office: 720-371-8015
Ralph Kirkbride, AAS

Agape Auto Share Inc is NOT Liability Insurance and has no affiliation with any Insurance Carrier, Agency, program or policy. It is not a substitute for meeting the State Required Liability Insurance Coverage mandated for automobiles as required by the State in which you live.